Hello! I am Linnea Cat Stahura, and I am a queer artist living in Portland, Oregon. I work mostly locally but have done international commission work, and can be found every so often in shows like RAWartists, First Thursdays, and small pop-up shows around my city. My work centralizes around letterforms as both a visual medium and as a pathway for merging ideas between the people of this world. I am inspired by words that helps us feel known, important, and connected.


I grew up in Southern California and attended Mission: Renaissance art classes between the ages of 4 to 9, and always had an aptitude for the arts of any kind. I practiced watercolor techniques with my grandmother, who has studied formally with artists internationally for decades. When I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2014, I began pursuing art academically and built my personal business simultaneously. I have studied with Cora Pearl, Sheila and Julian Waters, Angelina Cox, and belong to the Portland Society for Calligraphy.

Why I make art

I was making art at 2 years old, and only started to examine my reasons for making art when I stopped creating in 2012 due to depression and other mental health challenges. I realized that I was never going to be happy doing anything else for the rest of my life, and chose to pursue my dreams in a place that better suited my mission. The most important aspect of my work is accessibility, so that it serves as a place for people to feel recognized and understood. I want to speak to and honor the messier parts of being a person, and hold them to the light without shame so that we all might be able to grow and connect in new ways.