I was first introduced to handmade books in Cora Pearl’s calligraphy class at Portland Community college, and I have been invested in this craft for the past 5 years. I write most of my own content, usually focused on subjects near to my heart: body positivity, political activism, optimistic nihilism, and mental health awareness. As a calligrapher, I hand-letter the majority of my works, but have recently gravitated toward the letterpress for editioning my shorter works. I bind all my books by hand, and love incorporating 3D collage when I can.



This book incorporates both my own writings and information from Pete Walker, to create a 4,000 word examination of trauma psychology and its effects on my personal relationships. It is hand-written, illustrated, and bound in a weaved style that comes apart when pulled enough.


paper story

This book uses paper as its only narrative device, and I started with two parent sheets of paper that I cut all my pages from. Any treatment that a page received transferred to the following pages so that the final page had been through every fold, crumple, and soak from the sequence of pages before it. I was inspired by the narrative of my own life, and drew from my experiences that translated to the page in different ways.



This book uses text from Purity Ring’s song, “fineshrine,” along with collage elements to create a feeling of darkness, fear, and the crowded feeling of an abusive relationship. Materials used:

  • acrylic paint

  • beeswax

  • hot glue

  • thread

  • various papers

  • wood panel canvases

  • found items

  • tule